Mission Trips


Our commitment to Embracing the Nations has literally taken Northwest Christian University students all over the world.

Since our founding in 1895, NCU has intentionally invited students on an adventure of global mission. Through the years, we have sent students to serve with faculty and staff alongside churches, non-profits, and mission organizations locally and abroad.

“If NCU were to disappear, would anyone notice?” This question is one of the themes in campus ministries. Our mission philosophy is to set forth on trips that will expand the worldview of our students while helping build a better understanding of the literal biblical commands to love God’s people near and far. We hope that our experiences abroad equip our students to serve wherever they are called.


Our Mission Trips

Our students have been blessed to participate in building Christ-centered relationships around the world in many different countries. Past trips include: Bosnia, Chile, Congo, Israel, Kenya, Mozambique, New Orleans (after Hurricane Katrina), San Francisco, Tijuana, and Cambodia. In May of 2016 , a team visited orphanages, rehab centers, and hospices in Tijuana, Mexico. Also in May 2016,  another team of students partnered with Agape International Missions (AIM) who combat human trafficking in Cambodia.  In June 2016, another team of students joined with Forward Edge International at the Villa Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua.

2018 Mission Trips

Houston, TX (Hurricane Relief Work with Forward Edge): March 24-31, 2018

China: May 13-June 2, 2018

Cambodia: May 13-June 2, 2018

Mexico (Puente de Amistad in Tijuana): May 15-22, 2018

Nicaragua (Forward Edge): June 16-23, 2018


If you feel called to be a part of future outreachs, please contact the Office of Student Life for more information, 541-684-7345.

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Cambodia 2017


Nicaragua 2017



Mexico 2017