Undergraduate Majors

There is no greater joy than that of God’s nurturing, guiding, loving embrace. Feel His influence and follow your heart.

When you choose one of our offered undergraduate majors, you’re taking a big step toward your future. We’re here to help guide and nurture that decision every step of the way, beginning with a solid foundation including literature, history, philosophy, science, and Scripture. Over time, you’ll get the opportunity to shape those timeless ideas with your own. Practical courses in ethics, leadership, speech and writing sharpen your ability to think, communicate and lead.

At the very heart of our campus is Christ. Whatever it is you study, whatever sport you play, wherever it is you find yourself with your classmates, His love can be found.

This is where Christians come to learn, think, share, grow and become something more. What’s calling you? Let’s start on your future today.


Undergraduate Majors


Undergraduate Minors

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