The business department at Northwest Christian University seeks to develop highly competent professionals for service in local and global communities. This is made possible by integrating Christian values with fundamental concepts, best practices and innovative applications in business.

The accounting program builds on the mission of the business department by developing analytical, theoretical and problem-solving skills. This mission provides them with the ability to make important decisions in the managerial or financial environment. They will also gain the ability to make any type of business decision whether it be as a Certified Public Accountant, a Chief Financial Officer or as a Chief Executive Officer.

Although strong quantitative skills and attention to detail are important for the accounting major, students also need to acquire proficiency in other skills as well. A degree in accounting can lead to quality positions in public accounting, investment banking, consulting, and management in corporate, governmental or not-for-profit organizations.

To meet the needs of today’s challenging global economy, NCU’s accounting program integrates finance, economics, law, and ethics. Courses in business management and marketing are also inserted into the curriculum to provide the student with a well-rounded education, strong ethical values, and a sound business perspective.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, a variety of careers are available in both the private and public sectors. Listed below are just some examples of career paths open to students with accounting proficiency.

Professional CPA Firms (Auditing and/or Tax Services)

  • Staff Accountant
  • Manager
  • Partner


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Treasury Department (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Secret Service
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense

Corporate (Fashion, Food, Technology, Banking, Sports)

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • Treasurer
  • Tax Director
  • Internal Auditor
  • Personal Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Cost Accountant
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer

Not for Profit

  • College Professor
  • Controller
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Budget Director

Campus Activities

Outside of class, students participate in the Accounting Club, which brings local business leaders to campus to talk about real-world success and challenges. Volunteerism is encouraged through local non-profit organizations, such as a cost-analysis done for a local high school Booster Club.

Graduate Outcomes

Recent graduates have obtained positions in the public accounting field, private corporations, educational and not-for-profit organizations. With accounting positions projected to grow at an annual rate of 29% over the next 4 or 5 years, there are plenty of opportunities available for the graduate with strong accounting, tax, finance, and business acumen. Strong regulatory requirements established by the United States Congress are projected to continue in the near future.




Program Director: Brianna Dixon

Assistant Athletic Trainer

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Program Director: Ben Carpenter

Program Director: McKenzie Wirth

Program Director: A.J. Swoboda, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of Birmingham
M.A. George Fox Evangelical Seminary
B.A., New Hope Christian College

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Program Director: Kaj Kayij-Wint, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Oregon State University
M.A., St. Martin’s University
B.A., Providence College


Dr. Kayij-Wint uses her scholarship and experience to prepare students in the CMHC program for their academic advancement and future as scholar-practitioners. Dr. Kayij-Wint completed her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Saint Martin’s University and earned her doctoral degree from Oregon State University. She is …

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